Zinnurine Convention Center

An Architectural Panorama


About Zinnurine Convention Center

Zinnurine Convention Centre is ___________ from 2013 Christian era __ a modern convention centre ____ a unique concept, Located __ CDA Avenue, Bayezid Bostami ____, 2 No. Gate, Chittagong, Bangladesh .. Zinnurine Convention ______ has been designed with _ new concept where any _____ of Social Corporate or ________ Programmes could be arranged __ the same complex.

We organize Akth, Wedding ________, Gaye Halud, Engagement, Reception, ________/___________, Conference, Meeting, Seminar, Workshop, _________ Ceremony and also Musical ________, Award Giving Ceremony, Re-Union, _____ Party, Fashion / Magic ____ or any other event __ your choice

Event, We Arrange

Cultural Event
Social Event
Corporate Event

Our Speciality

A Modern Community Center with unique infra structure.

Brand & Identity
The heart of this __________ Centre is equipped with ___ types of audio-visual equipment. ___ high ceiling centrally air ___________ Grand Ball Rooms/Banquet Hall ___ been constructed
Zinnurine Convention Centre has ____ designed with a new _______ where any types of ______ Corporate or Cultural Programmes _____ be arranged in the ____ complex.
The venue is enticingly ___________, its architectural beauty displaying _ melting combination of the _________, the modern and the _________. This is Zinnurine Convention ______.
Standard Quality
Zinnurine Convention Centre promises ________ food with a strict __________ with all HYGIENE issues __ all level in every _______.
Fast Delivery
We always strictly provide ________ foods with a strict __________ with all categorical necessary ______ of a Launching Ceremony..
Grand Ball Rooms
Centrally air conditioned Grand ____ Rooms/Banquet Hall has been ___________ in a way which ___ organize any event of ____ choice.

Any of your Event to make great and memorable

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